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7 February, 2007

A cover for a disposable lighter

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My second download is a cover for disposable lighters. My brother was fed up with having his lighter getting mixed up with those of his friends, so wanted something to make his easy to identify. It is not often a stitcher is asked to make something for a younger male, so I was happy to oblige, even though I would prefer that he give up smoking!

However the path to a suitable cover was not smooth. My first attempt was coming along nicely when I realised that cotton thread stitched on cotton aida cloth would not only catch alight easily but would also flare up quite dangerously. Wool thread on plastic canvas would only smoulder or melt in the worst case and would not catch alight easily. But I live in a country town, and no one sold thin embroidery wool or plastic canvas. After driving to the next town I found 10 count plastic canvas and tapestry wool, back to the design board to make up something for this larger scale.

So my second attempt was started and after stitching for years on fine linen, 10 count plastic canvas took a bit of getting used to. My brother liked his cover, which made up for all the angst, in fact it was so successful that his mates asked me to make covers for them. Oh, what a happy situation to be in!

Then came the problem of printing up a design to share. Young males like cars, so my covers used the colours of various racing teams and the names of the car models. But same car manufacturers have big legal teams protecting their copyrights. Making a one-off item for no personal gain is [probably] OK, but sharing on the internet is quite a no-no. So my last cover, for a less car-mad mate, used an abstract pattern using muted colours.

All in all my brothers request turned into quite a successful exercise. The icing on the cake was when I used the same technique to make a cover for his USB flash drive. Having something bright makes finding the little thing in his office stash much easier.

I hope that you find this second design useful. I also send many thanks to all those readers who have sent in supporting comments and feedback. I am such a newbie to running an internet site that all and any comments are gratefully appreciated.

kindest regards and happy stitching, Annette

p.s. The covers also make good kitten toys. We recently adopted two kittens and I, stupidly, left my work bag on the floor. When I came home all my threads were strewn over one room, but the collection of covers was spread over two rooms. One of the covers was on the table, all the table mats etc. were on the floor and both kittens were asleep! Obviously a good time had been had.


  1. No photos of the carnage and kits? and how long did it take you to sort it all out again!

    Comment by The Dragon — 8 February, 2007 @ 11:31 pm

  2. It didn’t take too long to sort out the threads, and I was giggling to much to take a photo. I am sure there will be a next time so I will snap something to decorate my blog with!
    Regards, Annette

    Comment by Annette — 9 February, 2007 @ 10:12 am

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