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5 January, 2007

First free design posted

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whew! At last i have reached a milestone with my web-site and posted my first design. You have no idea what a big step this is for me. It is almost as bad as sending one’s firstborn off to start school.

My first design is a free download and is a project for a small embroidered holder. I keep thimbles and spare bobbins in mine. The embroideries are small blackwork designs and should only take an hour or so to complete for someone with any experience in the technique.

See it on

Following feedback from, ahem, straight talking friends, I have also played around with my pages and got something that should be easy to navigate around and not to hard on the eyes. Any comments for further improvements will be gratefully received.

I am still working on my first big design for sale, but my brother has requested that I do a couple of small items for him. So my next free download will be something suitable for blokes. I suspect other stitchers are “blessed with” or “endure” such male relatives and so may find it useful.

Best wishes for 2007 and hope you all have successful stitching this coming year, regards Annette

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