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27 December, 2006

Welcome to my cross-stitch blog

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Welcome to my cross-stitch blog. I intend to use this space to discuss my designs and work in progress.

Currently my site is very basic, for which I apologise but it will improve as I learn more about setting out web-pages and develop content. It is great fun to learn new skills, especially after being a keen user of the internet for a decade or more. I am working in getting some interesting links to add to the pages and have my initial “tips” emails available. As I develop or learn about new tips I will add them to this library.

Embroidery work in progress, or more truthfully work in a stalled state as the family gets through Christmas and the New Year holiday. Nearly finished is a little blackwork embroided container, based on ones that my great-aunt used years ago. I have tried to remember how they are put together and think I have come up with something workable. I will be putting this on my site as a free download.

My other design is a tray cloth, with NZ native flowers in cross-stitch, with some leaves done using pulled-thread stitches. I want to use the DMC linen threads as I love their subtle colours. So far this is still on paper, but I will be stitching the model soon.

I hope you all had a peaceful Christmas and best wishes for the new year, regards, Annette

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