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I cannot get enthusiastic about sample pieces, I prefer to make something functional even though I am trying out new ideas or techniques.

These small projects and designs are those "working out" items which I feel have become worthwhile items in their own right.

I hope you have as much fun stitching them as I did.

Regards, Annette


I am reviewing new embroidery books which are available in my local needlework shop.

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I have been reading about the problems with pet food in the USA recently.

I am an animal lover and feed my dog and cats on home made food. Those interested can download the recipes I use here.

It is a pdf file.

Stormy Mapua DesignNew for April - Stormy Mapua in cross stitch. The colours were inspired by a stormy day at Mapua beach. This design also follows the ideas on shading written about by Kaffe Fasset



Lighter covers imageCovers for disposable lighters and for USB flash drives in needle-point. A simple design in colours suitable for blokes.


Precious Bud ImagePrecious Buds for Thimbles & Things in blackwork. The designs on this little holder come from abstracted drawings of the Mount Cook Lily and native grasses.


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